Wow, a lot has happened since we’ve started Strakzat. Every day continues to be a valuable learning experience, with last year being particularly eventful.

Over the past few years, our team has been dedicated to designing and building exceptional websites and products. We always favoured expanding our company and adding more experts, believing we could make more and better products with more people. While this philosophy had its advantages, we also faced some significant drawbacks. As these downsides began to outweigh the benefits, we knew it was time to make a change. It marks the beginning of a new chapter for Strakzat. Our transformation isn’t a complete overhaul, but it’s substantial enough to keep you in the loop on our progress and future direction.

Growing our team

You might ask yourself why this transformation is needed. We’d better go back a few years to give you a good answer.

In 2014, we started Strakzat as a UX-driven duo, working on digital projects for start-ups, corporates, and agencies. In 2017, we began building a team and then added a development branch in 2019.

Last year, we reached our peak in team size with a team of five developers, four designers, a project manager, and ourselves. With this team, we could handle end-to-end project development on a significant scale.

However, the outcome did not meet our expectations. Many challenges come with such team growth. Some we solved, but some we struggled with a lot. Despite our best efforts, we recognised the need for quick and difficult decision-making when the results remained unsatisfactory.

Reflecting on our decisions

As we reflected on this, a few things became clear. Our company had grown, but were we still doing what we loved? Every day, we stumbled upon the responsibilities of having a larger team. We had to juggle multiple tasks, such as landing more projects, keeping our people happy, and managing various aspects of the business.

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